Behind the Slogan "Guide Built"

An inside look at how Eddie Bauer designs ski gear.
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An inside look at how Eddie Bauer designs ski gear.
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Building ski outerwear isn’t an exact science. It involves designers, athletes, and business people, each with different goals with a given piece. Ultimately, good outerwear must work in the field, impress media blokes like us, have an understandable tech story for the consumer, and sell through at retail.

One of the common stories we hear from outerwear manufacturers is athlete involvement in product design. It’s called things like “athlete-driven,” “athlete-proven,” or in the case of Eddie Bauer, “Guide Built.”

We decided to dig a little deeper and see exactly how Eddie Bauer’s team of mountain guides and pro skiers influence the creation of Eddie Bauer ski wear. The development of the this season's Neoteric Jacket and Neoteric Pant began in 2011 when EB guides voiced a need for a mulit-use snowsports-specific outerwear kit. They wanted high-performing and versatile pieces for both the resort and the backcountry. The original prototypes performed well, but needed work, which is where more testing from the Eddie Bauer athletes came in. Use the interactive below to see how Eddie Bauer arrived at the final product, a light, technical shell jacket and pant made with Polartec Neoshell.