Rossignol B-Squad W (2007)

Rossignol B-Squad W (2007)
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Rossignol B-Squad W (2007)

Rating: / 5
Price: $959.00
Year: 2007
Level: 3
Gender: Female
Waist Width:
Tip/Tail/Waist: 130/100/120
Lengths: 154, 164, 174

Stability at speed: 3.28 / 5
Hard snow performance: 3.00 / 5
Crud performance: 3.50 / 5
Forgiveness: 2.08 / 5

With a 100-millimeter waist and progressive flex (softer in the tip, stiffer in the tail), the B-Squad W lives to float. Testers praised its ability—despite the girth—to pop out of medium to long turns. gripes: Have patience: It’s a little slow from edge to edge. props: A fluid, easy ride through the toughest mank and crud. tester’s take: "Like a good insurance policy, this ski has you covered." —Jamie Britt