Scott Mission (2010)

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  Scott Mission  (2010)

Rating: / 5
Price: $800.00
Year: 2010
Level: 2
Gender: Male
Waist Width:
Tip/Tail/Waist: 130/90/116
Lengths: 158, 168, 178, 183

Stability at speed: 3.60 / 5
Hard snow performance: 0.00 / 5
Crud performance: 3.98 / 5
Forgiveness: 3.78 / 5

The Mission’s sidecut begins farther back than others in this category, so it’s more steerable, more fluid, and less hooky than piste-oriented skis like the Völkl at right. It earned winning scores in maneuverability, forgiveness, crud performance, and versatility, and it’s most at home in soft snow. PLUS: The narrow tip felt “buttery,” in one tester’s words, and less prone to deflection in crud. MINUS: Difficult to bend into short turns and lacking in pop.