Wonder Reels: The Deep

Whistler Backcomb shares its stockpile of snow.
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Whistler Backcomb shares its stockpile of snow.
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The fourth episode of Whistler Blackcomb’s Wonder Reels series is a taunt as I sit in the office and see coworkers wearing shorts on this near 70-degree December day in Colorado. I keep asking myself: Why I don’t reside in Canada?

“The Deep” is another quality Whistler edit created by Switchback Entertainment, the folks behind Salomon FreeskiTV. It captures the magic that ensues when a group of riders come across a powder stash in the resot’s legendary trees. It’s what every snow junkie joneses for on a day in deep, deep powder: face shots, pillows, tree bonks, ad nauseam. It should be noted. That as of 12/5, it's nuking at Whistler, so you could go get yourself some of this. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep doing my snow dance.