Beer of the Week: Honey Basil Beer

Tasty libations from Bison Brewing Company in Berkeley, California.
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Tasty libations from Bison Brewing Company in Berkeley, California.
Bison Beer

I’m generally wary of herb infused beer and I’ve always thought honey was best left to peanut butter and banana sandwiches so when a bottle of Bison’s Honey Basil Beer landed on my desk I raised my nose high in contempt.

But because I never turn down a free beer, I decided to have a taste and to my surprise, the 100 percent organic brew from Berkeley, CA, was delicious. The initial sweetness of the honey balanced perfectly with the lingering and complimentary spiciness of the basil and Cascade hops. Yet, unlike most other herbed brews I’ve tried, this one still maintained that distinct, thirst quenching, worry erasing, Friday-afternoon-satisfying beer flavor. Neither the honey nor the basil overpowered the malty backbone of beer.

Bottom line, it’s a darn good beer. I could drink it for any number of occasions but the basil notes kept reminding me of Italian food. I’d love to pair this beer with a nice pasta dinner. Plus Bison’s Honey Basil Beer is organic which, in addition to the alcohol, makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside.

Want more info? Check out Bison Brewing Company’s website here.