Ski Bumming in a Tiny House

Five people, lots of snow, and one tiny house.
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Five people, lots of snow, and one tiny house.

Last season, five powder hounds took the expedition of a lifetime by cramming into a mobile 112-square-foot house, complete with a wood burning stove, and going in search of snow.

“The whole experience has been life-changing.” Says featured skier and narrator Molly Baker about her ski bum wet dream transforming into a reality. Baker lived in the small house with four dudes for eight weeks while shooting the film. Lack of snow, space, and car troubles with their 1990 Ford Diesel (complete with a whopping 600,000 miles on the odometer) did not stop this crew from enthusiastically cruising up to British Colombia for some amazing snow.

The team plans to set out in search of pow again this winter and have added some amenities to their mobile cabin. Rumor has it that a sauna/outhouse building, snowmobile trailer and even a hot-tub time machine will travel with them.

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