Bacardi Winter Experience Hits the Slopes at a Resort Near You

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Bacardi Girls

(Promotional Release)—The second annual Bacardi Winter Experience is set to begin with promotions from coast to coast—hitting seven mountains in total: Breckenridge and Vail, CO; Heavenly, CA; Killington and Mt. Snow, VT; Park City, UT and Mt. Bachelor, OR. Also included for the first time is Whistler, B.C. The program which will last over a period of four to six weeks, depending on the location, will bring the BACARDI Experience to weekend skiers with strong messaging and branding and the excitement that has made the

Bacardi Red Hot Road Trip

the 'go to' event over the past five years.

"This year, we've added so many new elements to the Winter Experience," says Duncan Horner, Senior Marketing Manager, Bacardi Rums. "With the support of an increased on premise promotion team, Bacardi girls on the slopes and on the base of the mountains, local guerrilla teams and a local pro team," the excitement is building," he added. Several new elements - including themed parties each evening in the mountain's lodges, will keep the BACARDI Experience an integral part of the event. This year, party themes will range from Vegas to Hip Hop to Mardi Gras and a dedicated MC at each promotion will keep the party going. At the party there will be great photo opportunities -- with the picture perfect background, interactive games, lots of prizes and of course Bacardi Girls.

One new attraction on the slopes is the addition of a local ski and snowboarding professional team, outfitted in Bacardi gear. This team will be on the mountain during the day creating excitement for skiers. They will be joined by the promotion team stationed at the base of the mountain that will have great prizes for everyone—from snowboards to shirts and hats.

"This is the second year of The Bacardi Winter Experience and we definitely have made it the most exciting event of the season, says Horner. Add to that the local media buys in each market promoting the events and television appearances by the BACARDI girls and you have the hottest promotion by far this winter."