Bloom, Hardaway Podium in Tignes

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Tignes, France, Dec. 1, 2001--Hannah Hardaway (Moultonborough, NH) picked up very close to where she left off last season Saturday, finishing second in the openingmoguls World Cup contest of the season while World Cup rookie Jeremy Bloom (Loveland, CO) -- who postponed a college football scholarship so he could followan Olympic dream -- grabbed his first podium despite erratic fog and snow on the Grande Motte Glacier above Tignes.

Hardaway, who won the World Cup Final last March in Himos, Finland, finished behind World Cup champion Kari Traa of Norway. Traa had 26.27 points whileHardaway received 25.64 for her final run; Aiko Uemura of Japan was third in the field of 39 women.

In the men's contest, Frenchman Johann Gregoire won with 26.24 points to 25.84 for Canaidan Stephane Rochon. Bloom, who chose to try for the Olympic Team andpostpone a football scholarship to the University of Colorado for a year, was third at 25.54. Jonny Moseley (Tiburon, CA), the defending Olympic moguls goldmedalist, was ninth (24.63).

"We did real well, given the weather," said U.S. Head Coach Don St. Pierre. "We had a lot of guns 12 athletes -- seven men, five women and some were able todeliver."

The glacier setting meant the weather, as usual in early winter, was a grab bag of ground fog and snowy conditions to less intense weather. "Some were lucky, someweren't," St. Pierre said. He said he was "elated" with the 25th-place showing by Jillian Vogtli (Ellicotville, NY), who is returning from knee surgery in the spring.

The next moguls events will be Dec. 14-15 at the Sprint U.S. Grand National in Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Tignes, FRA - Dec. 1
Moguls (Season opener; 12 make Finals)

1. Johann Gregoire, France, 26.24 points
2. Stephane Rochon, Canada, 25.84
3. Jeremy Bloom, Loveland, Colo., 25.54
4. Sami Mustonen, Finland, 25.47
5. Jean-Luc Brassard, Canada, 25.43

9. Jonny Moseley, Tiburon, Calif., 24.63
19. Ryan Riley, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
23. Toby Dawson, Vail, Colo.
27. Travis Mayer, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
35. Chris Hernandez, South Lake Tahoe, Calif.
51. Luke Westerlund, Breckenridge, Colo.

1. Kari Traa, Norway, 26.27 points
2. Hannah Hardaway, Moultonborough, N.H., 25.64
3. Aiko Uemura, Japan, 25.59
4. Ingrid Berntsen, Norway, 25.57
5. Sandra Laoura, France, 25.44

15. Donna Weinbrecht, Killington, Vt.
20. Shannon Bahrke, Tahoe City, Calif.
22. Ann Battelle, Steamboat Springs, Colo.
25. Jillian Vogtli, Ellicotville, N.Y.