Hat Trick

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Magazine by Chris Anthony) As a young ski racer, I had a habit of bending at the waist and focusing on my ski tips ("wrong")-a bad tendency that disrupted my balance and hindered my agility on anything but low-angle groomers.

To correct this problem, my dad sent me down the hill with a baseball cap pulled low over my eyes (see above). With the brim angled down, I lifted my chin to see beyond the hat's rim. As I tilted my head up, my posture also became more upright as my line of sight was focused ahead, farther down the hill ("right").

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The rewards are significant. You will stand taller over your skis, and your legs will be more supple and able to absorb unanticipated terrain changes. This will also increase your balance and agility in variable conditions, and it will improve your power at the beginning of the turn.

Chris Anthony has appeared in 13 Warren Miller Films and competed in eight World Extreme Skiing Championships. He lives in Vail, Colorado.