Q&A with Chris Anthony

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Chris Anthony

Q: Where are your favorite premier parties?
A: Wow, that is a tough question. I really look forward to the Boulder and Denver shows. I have emceed these shows for like seven years now. So I think the audience and I have it down now. They are like family. Some traditions have started to happen at the Boulder shows - people dressing up, the annual ski shot, just pure chaos. Madison, Wisconsin, rocked the house when I was there, so did Chicago. I'm excited to check out the NYC show this year.

Q: What is your role at the premier?
A: I'm an Athlete Emcee — or something like that. I think that means 'head of the party.'

Q: How many Warren films have you been in? What's your favorite, and why?
A: 17 films. I have no idea what my favorite is. They have all been amazing experiences. I'm still waiting for one where I get to ski in powder.

Q: How does OFF THE GRID compare to the others?
A: The producers really want to get back to pure filmmaking and less commercialism. This frees up the editor and the cameramen a lot. So I'm excited to see what the finished product looks like. (I only have seen a rough cut months ago and the material rocked.)

Q: What was your favorite part of the film? What was the most fun part to film?
A: What I think might come out funny is the World Snowball Fighting Championships. Can't wait to see the finished segment. The footage was really funny. It was shot in Japan. Of course, my segment in Montana could be funny. I think humor is an important part of these films.

Q: Has Warren Miller planned much for the next film?
A: They are always planning things years in advance for the next film. They do it in this top-secret base somewhere in the foothills of Colorado. I have never been able to gain access to it. They just call, and I run to where they need me.

Q: Where are some of the locations? Where will you be headed?
A: I'm not sure where I will head yet. I am good with whatever is planned. But I would like to have powder, more girls, a heli, some nice food, and Chris Patterson to shoot it. He is an amazing cameraman. Actually, all the Warren Miller cameramen and staff are unreal. I'm not sure how Max, Josh, and the boys pull it off every year.