Wide and Wonderful: Big Mountain Monsters

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(95-mm waists and up)

Völkl's Explosiv is the distinguished elder, while Atomic's Big Daddy, with its 107-mm waist, and Fischer's Big Stix 10.6 (106 mm) take the prize for porkiness among the conventional (non twin-tip) constructions. Beware: If you're not heading for heli-land, or at least spending the winter in the Tahoe Basin, don't be too tempted by any of these. They're built strictly for deep-snow environments.

A. Atomic Big Daddy 133-107-123 $875

B. Atomic Sugar Daddy 124-99-114 $795

C. Fischer Big Stix 10.6 135-106-123 $795

D. Head i.M 103 Pro 126-103-118 $800

E. Völkl Explosiv 120-95-112 $695