Tested: Helmet Cams

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The popularity of helmet cameras is undeniably on the rise. New manufacturers are frequently entering the game while the old dogs are rapidly improving their products. With so many helmet camera options, it’s hard to decide which camera to drop your paycheck on.Since technology changes quicker than we can keep up with, we tested the current models from the top manufacturers side by side. If it were possible to combine all the best features of each camera tested, the result would be outstanding. Because these cameras are as different as their operator’s intentions, it proved impossible to pick a clear winner. We made a pros and cons list for each camera to help you pick the best one for your application.Disclaimer: We shot each camera at 30 Frames Per Second at a resolution of 1920x1080. All camera settings were set to auto. Note: We tested the most current products from each manufacturer at the time of this review. These manufacturers may have introduced new products or updates since our review.